Our special art programs bring warmth and cheer to hospital patients.
Hospital Art Lab
Our Mission

The Hospital Art Lab is an NPO set up voluntarily inside Wonder Art Production. Its mission is to bring warmth and a human touch to the hospital environment which, by its very nature, touches so many aspects of human life?from birth, through sickness and disease, aging, and, ultimately, death. Our goal is to foster a positive and comfortable environment inside the hospital, not only for patients, but for visitors and hospital staff, as well.

There is evidence that outreach programs such as this serve to help cure and refresh patients, uplift patient families, and renew the spirit of hospital staff by providing artistic and colorful stimuli and offering creative, enjoyable activities. It has been shown that art-related activities can stimulate enhanced personal communication among doctors, nurses, and patients, and have the power to create a genuinely warmer, gentler atmosphere.

Through our Hospital Art Lab, we have worked to support improvement in the hospital environment. It is our hope that we can extend our contributions and bring to more and more hospitals the means for providing a kinder and warmer setting for those who administer, and for those who benefit from, the heroic services that hospitals provide on a daily basis.


●Creative Activities for Warmer Human Connection
People often feel stress in a hospital environment that can seem cold and impersonal. We organize creative, enjoyable activities in which medical staff and patients can jointly participate. These activities offer a peaceful, healing moment, inspire warmer communications among doctors, nurses and patients, and have the ability to create a less stressful, more nurturing atmosphere.

●Improvement of Hospital Environment
We organize colorful art projects that can help transform the hospital environment. These projects provide participants with a sense of attachment to the hospital, as well as a feeling of worthy achievement.

●Promotion of Hospital Art
We promote hospital art by providing medical institutions with examples of our successful programs and illustrating the powerful effects they have produced. We continue to improve awareness though the promotion of hospital art as a significant factor in creating a positive hospital environment.

●Consultation for Hospital Art
We suggest effective hospital art concepts, designs, and activities, tailored to the specific needs of the hospital.

Representative Masako Takahashi’s essays on hospital art were serialized in the monthly magazine “Byoin (Hospitals)” in 2005.
Happy Color Project
Artist MAYA MAXX visits hospitals and creates drawings with seriously ill young patients. She brings an infinitely colorful, shining moment full of power and warmth to children who need to stay in the hospital for long-term treatment.
Christmas Card Project
Operating continuously since 2003, the Christmas Cards Project has children and volunteers write messages in Christmas cards that are sent to children in hospitals.
Christmas チャリティプレゼント
This project delivers gifts to children who cannot spend Christmas at home because of injury or illness.
Every year, volunteers carefully wrap donated gifts, one by one, and bring them to numerous hospitals throughout Japan.
Art Therapy
This art program had been regularly held at the neuropsychiatry department of the NTT Medical Centre Tokyo. Exhibitions of the pastel works done by patients have been presented in the medical center.
Art Project in Hospital
Our projects are designed to promote a warmer hospital environment through art. Collaborative work by doctors, nurses, and patients and their families have shown the power to radically transform the hospital environment.
ホスピタルドリーム プロジェクト
This project brings to hospitalized children the chance to meet first-class entertainers and performers.