”Happy Spiral with ART!”
Wonder Art Production brings meaningful art experiences to museums, hospitals, schools and communities.
Masako Takahashi

Masako Takahashi/ Artist, Hospital Art Producer, also a representative of non-profit organizations, 'Wonder Art Production', 'Hospital Art Lab' and 'ARTS for HOPE'. Graduated from the Western Michigan University, majored in Art. Experienced working in the American contemporary art gallery and working as a senior curator in Petit Musee. Founded the 1st organization 'Wonder Art Production' in 1999. Organized the various exhibitions showing great art from the world, started Social Art Program in 2002, Hospital Art Program in 2006 and other various art projects are followed.
Founded 'ARTS for HOPE' right after the Great East Earthquake on March 11, 2011, supporting children and people in the severely damaged areas by Tsunami and the earthquakes through ART. The number of the artprograms I produced has reached 780 times since March of 2011.(as of Jan 18, 2017)

Wonder Art Production (since January, 1999)
Hospital Art Lab (since January, 2004)

TEL: +81-(0)3-6240-1525
FAX: +81-(0)3-6240-1528
E-MAIL: wonderartproduction@gmail.com


Curate and organize art exhibitions.
Organize outreach programs about arts and the environment.
Organize outreach programs about Hospital Art Program
Edit and translate art exhibition catalogues.
Import and produce unique and fun items from all over the world.

Art Exhibition
Exhibitions are curated to introduce strong, unique and creative art from different cultures.
We aim to bring art much closer to you and develop various programs for children and local communities.
Our special art programs bring warmth and cheer to hospital patients.
Happy Doll Project
An annual flagship art project is held in Japan and overseas. Happy dolls created by patients demonstrate and inspire hope.
The art programs for victims of the Great Eastern Japan earthquake also support kids in Tohoku District.